We combine experiential learning with role-plays and case studies using multiple interactive medias providing comprehensive training courses designed to cover a complete overview of a particular topic, or courses customized to suit your business needs.


We provide certified coaches worldwide providing coaching servides to individuals and organizations seeking a personalized, transformative experience in a business context.


Collaborating with our Global Partners, we offer variety of assessment services supporting recruitment, employee development and promotion or any customized assessment needed by your company.


Collaborating with our Global Partners, we merger game mechanics, simulations and behavioral phsycology into experiental learning design including on-line business simulation games.


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To meet your business goals by empowering your people

We provide different yet unique approach, combining experiential learning with role-plays and case studies using multiple interactive media to help you developing skills and competencies needed for today & future business and industries requirements using our in-depth knowledge of learning and development delivered by team of experienced and professional facilitators.

Briktru Indonesia is the preferred training partner offering breakthrough learning and development experiences through various experiential learning approaches in Indonesia.

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We are ready to accompany you through your learning journey in improving your skills in a fun and practical way which ensures longer information retention through our newest learning management system Blast!.

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What is on our training menu?
We have extensive numbers of training courses ready and available or let us customize our training to meet your requirements and training need analysis

Leadership Skills

We’ll equip you with our knowledge on emotional intelligence, crisis management, and contingency planning to really power up your leadership skills.

Team Management

Have a look at our knowledge to recruit the right team for your needs, to get the best from people despite complex group dynamics, to navigate the complexities of performance management, stretch and reward your team through delegation, and dealing with conflict.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Let’s dive into different approaches to problem solving, analytical tools for problem identification & definition, tactics for choosing between options, making group decisions, and making good decisions under pressure.

Project Management

Discover the fundamentals of project management theories and approaches. Then deep dive into the vital elements of scheduling and scope management, before exploring the essential role of communication in projects.

Change Management

Let’s us help your organizations and people manage the impact of change and share our knowledge of techniques to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives.

Communication Skills

We’ll share the basics of effective workplace communication, understand the benefits of effective workplace communication, recognize obstacles to effective communication, enhance communication skills, and communicate more effectively on the job.

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“Briktru tries to understand your company needs, then they formulate the solver and they deliver it in most fascinating way.. they have a lot of creative ideas to execute. They are also willing to share their knowledge through whatsapp group so the impact would be continuous.”

Andreivie Prameshizta (HR Manager Ceva Logistics)

"I had very good moments every time in every training they made. Easy to understand, easy to follow and applicable in real life. No complicated and boring material, very light yet cheerful and fun during their training. You'll find out the enlightenment and blow your mind."

Aang Rahmantyo (Producer at Gameloft)

"Recommended! The trainer is able to communicate information clearly and concisely, know when and how to ask questions, create a comfortable and friendly environment which engages trainees to ask questions."

Ivan Kamil (Civil Engineer at PT. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors)

“The best company facilitator for training and development in Indonesia. Fulfilling all your company development needs from Management, Leadership, to Finance and Business Development. With breakthrough method in training and great facilitators will definitely become a good fresh air and first choice in Training and Development partner.”

Arsy Efsa

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