What is LMS?

  • Learning Management System or LMS is software designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of your learning content.
  • This system can help plan and manage learning activities and manage e-learning displays.
  • Because it is based on digital applications, besides making it easier to plan the online learning process, LMS also makes it easier for users to access learning content from anywhere and anytime.


Benefits of LMS for Companies:

  1. Can do material explanations virtually
  2. Can provide learning materials in various formats
  3. Can give assignments to learning participants with various alternative choices
  4. Can analyze and monitor the progress of learning
  5. Can carry out discussion activities with fellow users


Pros of using an LMS:

  1. Facilitate in planning and making learning/training
  2. Increase the effectiveness and flexibility of time in learning. Learning participants can access training materials anywhere and anytime as long as the device is connected to the internet
  3. Have quality training that is no less good than face-to-face training